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Wedding Planning


PLEASE provide directions to your guests, especially to guests not staying in Shenandoah Woods. Please also let them know that GPS is not reliable here. We often see guests arriving late to the ceremony because GPS brought them the wrong way. 

Your Guests 
The hold we place on many our properties will expire 3 months before your wedding. Please check with us if you have not created a code word for your property hold. Please let your guests know that they will need your code word to book our properties. The code will NOT give them a discount but any wedding guest that books 3 nights may have a 4th night free. The free night is not automatic, guests must book 3 nights and then include a request for us to add the free 4th night when they book. The Shenandoah Woods properties that can hold are: Breccia, Pembroke, Kalmia, Whispering Pines, Simple Pleausures, Westhaven, Joseph House, Somerset and Chadwick. The rest of our cabins should be booked sooner rather than later if you need them. Please direct your guests to this page. 


Please contact us for a complete list of our recommended wedding vendors, including wedding planners, florists, caterers, photographers, musicians and more.

Wedding Planners

We require all weddings to have a professional day-of planner/coordinator. Even the best prepared weddings will have unforeseen issues arise. A capable planner will take the stress off you and ensure your day runs smoothly.     

Alcohol Policies

Alcoholic drinks are allowed but they must be served by a professional bartender which is often provided by your caterer. Underage drinking is not allowed. Guests must drink responsibly.

Virginia Beer, Wine and Spirits

Please consider serving Virginia products! Discover Shenandoah is a great resource. Hawksbill Brewing Company can supply kegs of wonderful local beer. The Valley Cork can deliver a Virginia Wine package. Several local wineries offer packages. They can help pair wines, deliver and pick up leftovers so you can get a credit back. Contact us for more information.


We are insured and like most event venues we require our clients to purchase their own policy as well. Stand-alone policies are available at a nominal fee from most insurance providers. Please contact us for recommended insurers.  

Music, Bands and DJs

Bands are welcome. We can discuss optimal locations for your band. Bands generally prefer to use their own sound and lighting equipment. If you hire a DJ PLEASE let them know we have a very capable sound and dance light system in the Pavilion and a speaker at the ceremony area. They may use this equipment which means they will have very little to bring and set up. They can see a list of our equipment at the bottom of this page. Your DJ is welcome to contact us with any questions. Loud music must conclude by 11pm.   

Welcome Cabin
Designate a cabin to be a welcome center for guests as they arrive in Shenandoah Woods. Have drinks and snacks, weekend itineraries and welcome bags. Somerset is a great choice. It is not far from the entrance of Shenandoah Woods and has plenty of space. 

Welcome Bags
As an alternative to a welcome cabin you can stage welcome bags at the cabins. Fill them with itineraries, maps, favors, snacks, etc. Bags must be left on the cabin porches, we cannot give you access to the cabin interiors.

Rehearsal Dinner
Most guests will already be in the area on Friday so why not have a big rehearsal or welcome dinner? You have lots of location options: The PavilionSomersetChadwick and Joseph House. Or you might host a dinner in Luray at The Valley Cork, Hawksbill Brewing Co., The Mimslynn Inn or the Hotel Laurance. Another option is to have a smaller dinner and then host a welcome reception for the rest of your guests later in the evening.

A Sunday Brunch is a great way to end the weekend. Most guests will check out by 11am. Have them stop by for donuts, bagels and coffee on their way out of town. It’s one more time to visit and say goodbye. The Pavilion or Somerset are good locations. 


Willow Pond

Willow Pond is available for use by all of our guests. Events at Willow Pond such as rehearsal dinners and brunches require prior notice. Events at Willow Pond are not recommended when we have received a large amount of rain.

Our 14 passenger shuttle van is included on your wedding day to help transport your guests to and from the wedding. Generally we run the shuttle one hour or so prior to the ceremony and then for two to three hours near the end of the reception. We will work with you to create an efficient timeline to pick up guests before the ceremony. This pre-ceremony timing is critical, please don't wait until the last minute to coordinate this timeline with us. Please note that our shuttle cannot transport more than about 40-50 guests in an hour from our cabins. A round trip to Luray takes about 45 minutes. If you have guests in Luray and onsite that you would like to transport you might consider hiring another shuttle company to pickup the Luray guests and our shuttle will pickup your onsite guests. Our shuttle service is also great for transporting the bridal party around Shenandoah Woods for photos. Shuttle service will conclude at 1am. Don’t forget to have your caterer put snacks and drinks on the shuttle!

If there will be a lot of children at the reception consider moving them to a night care center after dinner. The theater level at Somerset is a good place. Hire or bring in a sitter, play a movie, have snacks and games. The grown-ups can have fun at the reception and easily check on the kids throughout the evening.

Ceremony Beverage Station
If your wedding will be during the summer consider having cold drinks available at the ceremony location. Serve bottled water, lemonade, even mimosas! You might also provide fans and bug spray.

Food trucks & trailers
We have a dedicated food truck parking area with a retractable awning. You might consider a donut or ice cream truck for your reception dessert or a donut or brunch truck for Sunday morning.

Lawn Games
Guests love socializing while playing lawn games like corn hole and ladder ball at the Pavilion. We have a corn hole set, giant connect 4 and giant chess.

Fireworks can be spectacular but a few notes: A competent fireworks company must be used. Fireworks may not be set off when local/state fire bans are in effect. A local firetruck must be on-site during the show. Virginia Sky Painters are not allowed to perform at Shenandoah Woods.

Tents are not allowed on the Pavilion lawn. Tents are allowed on the gravel areas but are not recommended. Extreme caution is to be used when driving stakes in order to avoid underground utilities.

Clear Walls and Barn Doors
Our clear walls and barn doors cannot be left closed overnight. If windy weather is possible we suggest you wait until the day of the reception to set up. Please coordinate with us if you would like the walls and doors opened or closed. Walls and doors will not be closed if winds greater than 50 mph are forecasted.

Ceremony Benches 

If the ceremony benches are damp you may cover them with our burlap bags. Some of our pine benches may ooze a little bit of sap. These benches may also be covered with our burlap bags. If there is rain just before the ceremony we have a leaf blower you may use to blow water off. Shenandoah Woods will not have staff available to help with this as we will be driving the shuttle.



Our fridge is a large commercial unit and works well to keep things cool things cool. It does NOT work well to quickly chill room-temperature beverages. If you load it with room-temperature items allow at least 48 hours for everything to cool. 

Set up and clean up 

You or your caterer is responsible for setting up tables and chairs. Shenandoah Woods staff will put away the tables and chairs. Please DO NOT put away tables and chairs and please ensure your caterer also knows. At the end of each evening's events please ensure all food is either in the dumpster or locked in the kitchen.   


Chairs & Tables
Wooden padded folding chairs (x200)
60" round birch tables (x25)

36" round birch sweetheart/cake tables (x2)
30" round birch cocktail tables (x8)
8' rectangle birch banquet tables (x4)
6' rectangle birch banquet tables (x4)

6' rectangle birch side tables (x4)

All tables are 30" high except the cocktail

tables which are 42" high 

Other items
Brew Canoe (bar or self serve)

Arbor (84” wide X 84” high)

Wine barrels x4

Shepherd Hooks x10


Hobart double door refrigerator

Chest freezer

Smooth top electric range

Stainless triple compartment sink

Stainless table (2ft X 5 ft)

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